Touch-Free Car Wash: An Innovative Approach To Car Cleaning

24 July 2023
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If you own a car and want to keep it clean, you should consider a touch-free car wash. This is a convenient, efficient, and effecting method for keeping cars clean. Keep reading to learn how touch-free car washes work and the benefits this offers you.

Understanding the Touch-Free Car Wash Process

A touch-free car wash uses high pressure water and cleaning solutions to wash and rinse the car without having any physical contact. The touch-free car wash process involves several stages. It begins with the application of a pre-soak detergent designed to break down dirt and grime on the car's surface. Following this, a high pressure water jet rinses the soap and the loosened dirt away. Some systems also include an undercarriage wash and a spot free rinse to ensure a comprehensive clean.

Advantages of Touch-Free Car Washes

Touch-free car washes offer several advantages over traditional car washes. The most significant benefit is the lack of physical contact. This eliminates the risk of scratches that can occur with brushes and cloths. This method also efficiently cleans hard to reach areas, including the undercarriage and wheel wells.

In addition, the speed and convenience of touch-free car washes make them a favorite among drivers. These systems often allow you to stay in the vehicle while the wash occurs, and the entire process can be completed in just a few minutes.

Environmental Considerations

Touch-free car washes are also more environmentally friendly compared to home washing. These facilities often recycle water and use biodegradable soaps. This significantly reduces water usage and prevents harmful chemicals from entering waterways.

Limitations of Touch-Free Car Washes

Despite their many benefits, touch-free car washes may not be the best option for heavily soiled vehicles. The high pressure water jets might not fully remove debris. In these cases, a hand wash or a traditional car wash may be more effective.

Maintaining Your Car Post Wash

After a touch-free car wash, it is a good idea to dry your car to prevent water spots and streaks. Many touch-free car washes include a drying phase in their process, but you might want to consider additional drying at home. Regular waxing after washing can also help to keep your car's finish shiny and protected.

With proper after wash care, touch-free car washes can play a key role in maintaining your vehicle's aesthetic and value. Find an automatic car wash in your area today.