A Pressure Washing Service Can Get Your Dirty Truck And Engine Clean Again

21 December 2022
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If your truck is caked with dried mud on the tires, underside, and front, you may be dreading the cleanup job. If you have a pressure washer and know how to use it without damaging your truck, the job will be much easier if you use it rather than buckets of water or a hose. If you don't have a pressure washer or you just want to make sure your truck isn't damaged, call a pressure washing service to clean your truck. Here's what they can do.

Use The Proper Nozzle And Pressure

A pressure washer needs to be on the low setting so it doesn't chip paint or cause any harm to your truck. The low setting is still strong enough to deal with things like mud, oil, and other debris that's stuck on your truck.

Using the right nozzle is important too since a wide spray is not as intense as a focused stream of water. Using a low pressure with a wide-spray nozzle ensures your truck will get clean and not get damaged by water pressure that's too strong.

Select The Best Cleaning Products

One reason low-pressure works so well with a pressure washer is that cleaning products are also used to break up stains and oils. The pressure washing service can apply the cleaning product with the pressure washer to create a sudsy solution that sits on the truck for a few minutes to break up dirt so it can be rinsed away more easily.

Rinse The Truck Thoroughly

Rinsing is an important step in vehicle cleaning because a thorough rinse prevents streaks from cleaning product residue that's left behind. The service rinses your entire truck, including the wheels and front where bugs and oil from the road may be stuck on. They can clean the underside of your truck so no traces of mud are left behind and your truck is clean and shiny.

Wash The Engine Too

If you want the engine in your truck washed, the pressure washing service can do it at the same time. It's safe to pressure wash an engine as long as low pressure and a wide-spray nozzle are used. The service will probably use a degreasing cleaner too.

An important step in pressure washing your engine is to wrap all the electrical parts with plastic so they don't get wet. As long as they're protected, your engine can tolerate getting sprayed with water. The service may need to use a brush to scrub some of the parts so they don't need to use a higher setting on the pressure washer. If your engine is coated in oil and gunk, pressure washing it can make a big difference.