Opening An Automatic Car Wash? Components That Are Used

26 September 2022
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If you are opening an automatic car wash, it can be helpful to know the components that are used. Below is information about this, so you can have a better understanding of how your automatic car wash works. 


The first component you see with an automatic car wash is the conveyor. When a car pulls up this is what they drive up onto. It then pulls the car into the car wash. A correlator is used to align the vehicle's wheels with the conveyor track. An infrared sensor then measures the vehicle, and the rollers and sprayers automatically adjust to fit with the vehicle. This ensures the entire vehicle is washed as it is going through the car wash. 

If the vehicle has an automatic transmission, it should be put in park when placed in the automatic car wash. If the vehicle has a manual transmission, it should be placed in neutral. 


Once the car rolls through the automatic car wash, a series of nozzles pop out to spray the entire car. Plain water is not used to do this. Instead, a pre-soaking solution that loosens dirt and grime on the vehicle is used. This makes it much easier to clean as the vehicle goes through the car wash. 

There are also nozzles that pop out on the side of the automatic car wash to spray down the tires and rims. This removes brake dust and dirt that may be on the tires and rims, as well as makes the tires shiny and clean. Once the entire vehicle has been sprayed down it goes through a mitter curtain to remove excess moisture on the vehicle. 

Foam and Scrub Equipment

The cleaning foam is sprayed on the vehicle. A scrubber is then used to clean the car. What is used for the foam depends on the car wash as this is your choice. The scrubber spins fast as the car passes through.

The scrubbers will become very dirty over time, so it is important that you clean them regularly. If too much dirt and debris stick on the scrubbers, they will not clean as well and can even scratch the paint on the vehicles.  

Rinse, Wax, and Dry

Once the car is cleaned it goes through a rinse which sprays water onto the car to completely remove the foaming solution. The sprayer uses high-pressure water to ensure it gets to all areas of the car. This includes the exterior of the car, under the car, and the tires and rims. Once the foam is rinsed, wax is automatically sprayed onto the car. This not only makes the car very shiny but can also fill in small scratches to hide them. The last component used is the dryer which blows warm air onto the car to remove any leftover moisture. You may also have employees that help dry the vehicle as it leaves the automatic car wash. 

You need to learn how to maintain these components, so they last a long time for you. 

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