Shipped Your Car From Hawaii To The Mainland? It Needs Car Detailing Services

31 March 2022
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If you've recently moved from Hawaii to the mainland and shipped your car as well, it's a good idea to have your car detailed as soon as possible. The elements of weather and nature in Hawaii can wreak havoc on vehicles in so many ways. A professional car detailing service will remove salt, sand, soil, and residue so your vehicle looks like it just came off of a showroom floor instead of from an island in Hawaii. Here's why your car should be detailed and where attention needs to be focused on the most. 

Harsh Conditions for Vehicles in Hawaii 

While you likely enjoyed being outdoors in Hawaii and the weather conditions, Hawaii is harsh for vehicles.

  • Salt. The salt in the air and sea spray from the ocean can cause significant damage to your vehicle's hard surfaces. Salt can eat away at the clear coat, paint, and undercarriage. Extensive rust is commonly found on vehicles in Hawaii. The salt can also leave residue which causes spots on the glass, so your windows, mirrors, and lights may have mineral spots on them that need to be carefully removed so as not to scratch the glass. 
  • Sand. When living on an island, sand can get into every nook and cranny. Even if you religiously cleaned your vehicle at a neighborhood carwash, there's probably sand somewhere in your vehicle. If some sand is in your wheels, it can damage your brake pads and wheel bearings. 
  • Soil. Volcanic soil is corrosive. Therefore, any soil from Hawaii remaining on your car can cause corrosion. Ask the car detailing service to pay particular attention to the undercarriage and wheel wells to remove the soil and the corrosive residue from the soil. Also, volcanic soil has a dye-like substance, so you'll want to have the detailing service give the interior a deep clean as well. 

Focus Attention Everywhere 

When detailing a car that has been in Hawaii for an extensive period of time, attention needs to be focused pretty much everywhere the salt air has touched to remove salt and salt residue. The detailer should also remove all sand, soil, and soil residue. Be prepared to replace the floor mats, as they may have discoloration on them from the dye-like substances in the volcanic soil. Also, be sure to have the trunk of the car detailed as well, especially if you placed items in it from excursions to the beaches, parks, and volcanos. 

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