Vehicle Cleaning Services To Get Your Car Looking Great Again

18 August 2020
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Your vehicle drives the roads through all types of weather and dirty conditions, which can leave the outside of your vehicle looking gross and dirty. A dirty vehicle not only looks bad, but it also can lead to permanent damage to your vehicle that you cannot wash off in the form of scratches, hard water stains, and corrosion, especially if you live in a climate that has salt applied onto the roads to combat ice and snow. Here are some car wash services that you can look for to keep your vehicle clean and protected.

Do-It-Yourself Cleaning

When you want to use your own supplies at home to clean your vehicle, there are a variety of ways you can do so. Just be sure you wash your vehicle in the shade where it will remain cool. The heat of the sun can make the exterior of your vehicle so hot that it will cause the cleaner or water to evaporate and leave hard water and soap stains stuck on the exterior and paint. So look for a shady spot to wash your vehicle if it is hot outside.

You can use a traditional bucket of soapy water, a car wash sponge, and your garden hose to rinse the vehicle after scrubbing it clean. You can also invest in a water-less vehicle cleaning system that allows you to clean your vehicle with a gel solution and wipe it clean with a cloth. Or you can use a rinse-free cleaning system where your cleaning mixture of soap and water cleans and rinses the vehicle so you can follow up by wiping it clean.

Professional Hand Cleaning

When you want your vehicle to look magnificent but you don't want to put into it any effort, you can take your vehicle to a professional cleaning service center. They will wash, clean, and rinse your vehicle and even dry it by hand using high absorbency towels to give your vehicle a great-looking shine. They will focus on removing hard water spots from the windows and mirrors, and also take the time to clean off areas that a basic machine wash may miss, such as around your fenders and the tar spots that are picked up on your vehicle's side panels from road construction.

This type of service also includes washing and detailing around your vehicle's tires and rims to make them shine again. Then, if you want the interior of your vehicle cleaned out, they can provide a detailing service for the upholstery, vinyl, and carpeting.