The Do's And Don'ts Of DIY Car Detailing

8 January 2016
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Your beautiful ride is looking a little less sparkly than what she was when you drove her off the lot. If you are like a lot of proud car owners, you will head to the local auto parts store and fill your basket with things that are bound to bring back that sparkly glow that is hiding out under a layer of city-street grime and dirt-road dust. Even though you may think that auto detailing on your own will be simple if you have the right products, there are a few do's and don'ts that you have to keep in mind.

Do go for the highest quality car wax.

Waxing your car is a great way to bring back that shine and add a layer of protection, but you do have to be careful with which products you use. You would be amazed at the difference in ingredients between high-quality wax and that which you can grab at just about any corner store. High-quality wax contains polymers that will protect the painted surface of your vehicle, but inexpensive wax can contain low-grade ingredients that will leave your car looking more grimy than flashy.  

Don't waste your money on expensive car detailing equipment. 

There are a few pieces of auto detailing equipment that are handy to have around. For example, a good detailing sponge with a handle can be a big help. However, complex equipment that requires a lot of time to get together or cost to invest in replacement brushes, sponges, or pads can be more of a hassle than anything else. Besides, for what you pay for some of the more expensive pieces, you could just have a professional take care of the job for you. 

Do make sure you have plenty of light when you wax your ride. 

Leaving any wax behind on your car's painted surface can actually cause big problems when the remaining residue dries and hardens. So always make sure that wherever you decide to do your own detail work, you have plenty of good lighting available. 

Don't wax your car in direct sunlight. 

Good lighting is great, but not when it comes from bright sunlight beaming directly down on your vehicle. Waxing your car in the open sunlight is never a good idea. The heat from the sun will dry the wax out quickly, essentially baking the wax right onto the painted surface, and this can be a major hassle to remove without damaging the protective clear coat. 

If you're too nervous to detail your ride yourself, you can always take your car into a professional detailing company. Check out places like Deluxe Detail & Window Tint to see what services they offer.